The 5 Reasons you need a room of your own



  1. You need to be unobserved. In your room you will have your internal editor, and your mother’s voice in your head and the words of that unkind friend that rattle your confidence. But they will not be able to see what you are doing. You might be writing. You might be picking your nose. They don’t know and can’t tell.
  2. You need to close the door. There are times you need to push back in your chair and sigh. You don’t want to tell the world why. Sometimes you cry because you’re writing well. Other days tears come because you’re writing badly. Either way, you have your room, you do it your way.
  3. Is it selfish? Let’s just think about selfish. Is it selfish to sit alone and talk to the world – the world of the future? Is it selfish to imagine beyond the four walls you’ve cleverly encased yourself in? Selfish is when you hold yourself back. When you eat all the food knowing others needed it more. Having your room is not selfish. As long as each time you sit down in your room you ask yourself  whether you are enriching yourself and those around you. Then you will not be using up all the resources, you will be creating them.
  4. Moments of not being called upon are essential to quality creative time. You need to find flow so that the hands of the clock move in quick jerks across the day. Negotiate with your family and friends that you are not free for them when you go in there, that your room is a sacred space and you are doing hard work.
  5. But your room must hold possibilities. Having said you need to gently and firmly close the door to the mundane does not mean other doors within the room should not be opened. Open these door by practising your writing, but also sharing it. Make sure each day in your room to follow up some small lead you  left yourself from last time so that the train of your doing can be traced in the light you shed. Not just for yourself and the safe place of your thinking, but in the world where you live.

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