New Book of Poetry – ‘Strokes of Light’


The poems are preoccupied with splitting the ordinary open to reveal what’s extraordinary under the surface. I say ‘the poems’ because they seem to take me there, wherever there is. Under the ordinary experience of having your own children in the world is the absolute gobsmackery that they exist at all. Under the ordinary workings of the natural world is the shocking realisation that there is not always language to describe its intricate workings. Under the ordinary plying of words into sequence is the remarkable position they leave one another in.

Lucy Alexander, Afterword, Strokes of Light, April 2020.

Due to restrictions the wine and cheese launch has been moved into virtual space and will be done via Zoom. Launch details here/

To order please visit the publisher’s website

At the time of writing, Nature is shaking us all by the shoulders, demanding that we reconsider our relationships with the world we briefly inhabit. In Strokes of Light, Lucy Alexander viscerally acknowledges “the slippery world” through which pass, and the artificiality of distinctions between human and Nature, self and other, “in here” and “out there.” ‘ Oz Hardwick, May 2020



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Launch of Strokes of Light

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